AGROMEK 30 November/3 December 2010

This year, Agromek – the largest exhibition of agricultural machinery in Northern Europe – will once again be an extensive, collective exhibition for all who are involved in farming and the entire green sector.Agromek will be held from Tuesday 30th November to Friday 3rd December in the MCH Exhibition Centre in Herning, Denmark. This year, there will be complete ranges of both machines and implements for arable farming plus technology, installations and production aids for livestock farming and an impressive presentation of elite breeding cattle. The only exception will be milking machines and milk systems that will be again presented at the exhibition in 2012. Agromek’s Exhibition Manager, Jan T. Pedersen has made the following statements:“Agromek is back in its original form. Once again, all farmers – both arable and livestock – can gain inspiration and innovative ideas from attending the exhibition.This will be both an extensive and comprehensive exhibition and will involve 460 exhibitors in 13 exhibition halls at the MCH Exhibition Centre in Herning. This accentuates the fact that Agromek is one of the leading exhibitions in Europe.” Once again, Agromek will also present machines for contractors and equipment for the care of gardens, parks and other green areas. This will take place in cooperation with the Machine Suppliers’ trade organization.Agromek will thus also be an important exhibition for all contractors and building construction companies and trades within the green sector including all who are employed within the landscape gardening sector and public institutions that have the responsibility for the establishment and operation of roads, pathways and green areas.In the future Agromek will be held in 2012 and in the following even years.