AgroTech Russia 9–12 October 2013

Largest agricultural machinery exhibition in Moscow, Russia Staged at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre, Russia’s renowned agricultural exhibition ‘Golden Autumn’ has always included exhibits from the agricultural machinery sector. However, to highlight its status as the foremost event showcasing agricultural machinery in Russia, this part of the exhibition will now run separately under its own name of AgroTech Russia. This move marks the launch of a professional forum that focuses more keenly than its predecessors on the needs of the exhibitors and is better customised in terms of visitor demands. The range of exhibits on offer covers the entire gamut of products required for outdoor operations as well as plant-production technology. AgroTech Russia is being organised by the International Exhibition Center of All-Russian Exhibition Center (MVC VVC), the largest organiser of agricultural exhibitions in Russia, and DLG-International GmbH, a subsidiary of the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft e.V., Frankfurt am Main).