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Agra, 52nd International fair for Agricolture and Food 23-28 August 2014

AGRA, the most important agriculture and food industry fair in Slovenia and in the neighboring regions of four countries, is held already over 50 years every year in Gornja Radgona, a crossroad between Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. It serves the tradition of good farming and quality food with an innovative freshness of new technologies and skills, with broad international participation, cheerful events and professional lectures from Saturday 23rd to Thursday 28th August 2014....

AGRA – 49th International Agricultural – Food Fair 20 – 25 August 2011

AGRA – 49th International Agricultural – Food Fair As the biggest fair of agriculture and food industry in this part of Europe, AGRA offers the best opportunities for a successful international business, commercial and promotional presentation. Active marketing concept, connecting economy with industries, emphasis on present trends and future challenges – these are the fair’s specialties and strengths. Connecting demand with supply, AGRA offers diverse possibilities to exhibitors to target presentations, and visitors for well thought-out purchase. AGRA offers more! Confirm the quality you offer can at international evaluation of food articles, wines and agricultural machinery, taking place before the fair exhibition. Independent evaluations by professional committees and awards for quality are an additional argument to convince your business partners and the end users about the quality of your products. See more at:

AGRA 29 August- 5 September 2009

The International Agricultural- Food AGRA in Gornja Radgona is a fertile field of agriculture and food industry at the meeting point of Central and South-East Europe. At the 2008 fair, 1.665 exhibitors from 28 countries shook hands with 136.000 visitors. In year 2009 the transfer of knowledge into practice will be enhanced through professional consultations, forums and raundtables. The good practice example and the professional selection part will be presented through the exhibitions of animals.The sample plantations will present the most interesting products of field and alternative fruit-growing and wine-growing. The excellence of product will be underlined with established international quality evaluetions. Sweden, Serbia, Austria, Hungary, France, Croatia and other countries will join the fair with state exhibitions. The International Agricultural- Food Fair AGRA is organized by Pomursky sejem. 56th World Ploughing Championship in the Moravske toplice spa will take place simultaneously with the 47th International Fair of Agriculture and Food Industry in 2009....

46th International Agricultural-Food Fair 23-29 August 2008

The significant motto of this leader exhibition is: “Fruitful by origin”. The event includes: Food Industry, Agricultural Industry, an Institutional Area and an Educational Area. In the technical programme you can find Animal Exhibitions, Sample Plantations, many Forums and a great number of sectorial exhibitions.