The European Federation of Agricultural Exhibitions and Show Organisers “Eurasco”

An organisation for the promotion of European agricultural exhibitions, shows, fairs and events was founded in 1972 under the name of: ‘THE EUROPEAN AGRICULTURAL SOCIETIES AND SHOW ORGANISERS CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE” (EURASCO). The new title ‘THE EUROPEAN FEDERATION OF AGRICULTURAL EXHIBITIONS AND SHOW ORGANISERS “EURASCO” was adopted in 1998. The short name “EURASCO” may be used alone.


The objective of EURASCO is to improve and promote European agricultural exhibitions,fairs and shows through the exchange of information, ideas and experience, reciprocal advice, liaison and mutual assistance. It may act with outside organisations on behalf of EURASCO members.


EURASCO, which is non‑political and non‑profit making, is an advisory group which may make recommendations to its member organisations but will have no power to impose any binding decisions upon them. EURASCO will hold Meetings, which will include a General Assembly being the organisation’s business meeting, usually in association with an agricultural event organised by one of its members. Members should meet each year but such Meetings will take place not less frequently than every two years. All proceedings and reports will be in English.


Membership of EURASCO is open to all major European agricultural event organisers who will be represented by a senior member of the organisation. The application for membership will be considered by the Executive Committee and passed to the next General Assembly for approval. Notice of the application will be included in the agenda for the General Assembly. At the discretion of members a balance of national representatives will be maintained. Application for membership implies acceptance of the Constitution. Any member shall have the right to withdraw from membership after paying any outstanding monies that may be due to EURASCO. The members at their General Assembly may agree to exclude any member who no longer fulfils the requirement of membership. The members at their General Assembly shall have the power to agree or amend the subscriptions or any other fees or costs. The annual subscription will be due on 1 March each year and must be paid within the required time. At the discretion of the Executive Committee additional organisations may from time to time be represented at meetings or other events, at a fee to be determined.


The members at a General Assembly shall elect from among the members a President, a minimum of two Vice‑Presidents, one of whom will also carry out the responsibility of Treasurer. These persons will form the Executive Committee together with the Secretary General. The President and the Vice‑Presidents will be elected for a minimum period of two years and may be re‑elected at the next General Assembly after the expiry of the two years for a further period of two years after which they must stand down. In no circumstances may an elected member serve on the Executive Committee for more than 8 years. They should not be from the same country. The General Assembly is the supreme body of EURASCO. The agenda for it’s meetings will be sent to members at least 7 days before the date of each Assembly. It will be responsible for:

  •  Approving new members and excluding members by a majority vote.
  •  Voting for the President and Vice‑Presidents by secret ballot.
  •  Approving the appointment of the Secretary General.
  •  Approving the accounts on the recommendation of the Treasurer.
  •  Approving the programme of activities.
  •  Approving the budget and also the membership subscription.

The Executive Committee will be responsible for:

  •  The general management of the affairs of EURASCO.
  •  Producing a programme of activities to be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.
  • Producing a budget to be submitted to the General Assembly for approval.
  • Accepting applications from new members and recommending approval by the General Assembly.
  • Appointing and agreeing terms of employment of a Secretary General, who does not have to be current member.

The President, Vice-Presidents and members will pay all their own expenses and will not receive payment for their work or expenses, except in special circumstances. These will be agreed beforehand by the Executive Committee and included in the budget.

Duties of the Secretary General

The Secretary General will be selected under arrangements agreed by the Executive Committee. The terms of employment and the period of time of the appointment will be agreed by the Committee. Power to terminate the appointment is also delegated to the Executive Committee. The Secretary General, as directed by the Executive Committee, will be responsible for:

  •  The preparation of meetings and the production and distribution of reports.
  • The collection and distribution of information about agricultural fairs and EURASCO and the promotion of its activities.
  • Keeping the accounts, collection of subscriptions and paying of bills. Ensuring the accounts are audited annually and that they are sent to the Treasurer and the members before the General Assembly at which they are to approved.
  • Attending all meetings but have no vote.
  • Circulating periodically to members an up‑to‑date list of members’ details.
  • Carrying out any such other duties as instructed by the Executive Committee or the members at a General Assembly.

The Secretary General or his organisation if he is an employee of a member organisation of EURASCO will be paid an annual fee as agreed by the Executive Committee and included in the budget. EURASCO will defray all reasonable expenses he may incur in carrying out his duties.


Each member organisation that has paid its current subscription will have one vote, irrespective of the number of representatives present at the meeting when a vote is taken. Voting by proxy is permitted. Proxies must be sent in writing. No one delegate may vote with more than two proxies. Decisions will be taken by a simple majority but in cases of equality the President or, in his absence, the Chairman, shall have an additional or casting vote. Decisions relating to the revision of the Constitution or the winding up of EURASCO may only be taken by a minimum of 2/3rds of the members either being present and voting or voting by proxy. Providing the agenda with the proposals and proxy forms are posted to members at least 4 weeks before the Meeting.


The accounts will be administered by the Secretary General and held in a separate bank account in the name of EURASCO. The accounts will be closed annually at the end of December and audited under arrangements approved at each General Assembly of EURASCO. A copy of the latest approved accounts will be submitted at the next General Assembly and included in the Report published after each Meeting. In the event of winding up EURASCO any surplus funds will be given to an agricultural charity or charities as approved by the members. The above ‘ Constitution was approved at a Meeting in Brussels on lst December 1998 and replaces the previous Constitution agreed at a Meeting ‘in Brussels in February 1972, ratified at the Zaragoza Conference in 1973 and amended at the Braga Conference in 1992.