DLG – ÖÇP Tarla Günleri 13–16 June 2013

The inaugural DLG-ÖÇP Turkish Field Days (Tarla Günleri) 2010 in Karaevli near Tekirdag (Maramara Region) already set their mark as one of the country’s most relevant agricultural shows. At the 2011 event in Adana, a total of 133 exhibitors, including 35 from outside Turkey, presented a wide range of crop production solutions on the 30 hectare exhibition site. Some 27,500 visitors were attracted by displays and presentations on the demonstration plots, where exhibitors showcased the latest crop varieties and gave live demonstrations of fertilizer and pesticide applications. On the campus site, exhibitors provided information on the latest crop management trends and techniques, while the third sector of the Field Days was devoted to demonstrations of machinery and equipment. Additional technical forums offered visitors and exhibitors the chance to interact and find out more about farming needs and available solutions. http://www.tarlagunleri.com/tr/