FIERAGRICOLA, 112nd International Agricultural Technologies Show, Verona, 3/6 February 2016

The wide-ranging exhibits, debates, technical and scientific meetings, performances and dynamic tests ensure that Fieragricola achieves impressive media impact and seeks to anticipate the needs of the market by creating relationships between exhibitors, visitors and sector associations and involving operators thanks to its dynamism and interactivity.
Always paying close attention to policies for shared growth and sustainability, Fieragricola has also accompanied the evolution of the Common Agricultural Policy since 1962, helping to stimulate debate between agricultural systems and the world of national and European institutions through dialogue focusing on planning the main directives to be adopted for sustainable growth while also keeping abreast of the needs of producers.
A crossway event focusing on agriculture through a vertical and complete trade offering:
technologies and products for animal farming, livestock and genetics
animal shows and auctions
technologies and products for the renewable energy sector in agriculture
agricultural machinery, equipment and technologies
specialised machinery and equipment for vineyards and orchards
demo areas (open field and vineyards)
seeds and agricultural chemicals, plants and equipment for protected crops
products and equipment for green management and forestry activity
services for agriculture and livestock farming