Important EURASCO presence at Farm Show Council Annual Meeting in California

Last 25/27 April was taken in Tulare, California, the annual meeting of the Farm Show Council. As usual, after the signed agreement of cooperation between the two association, a delegate by us was present there:our treasures Ruwan Berculo of VNU Exhibition in Utrecht. The meeting was really fruitful and permitted to enlarge again the very positive relationship.
He reported some lines about: “On average the US ag-shows, Farm Show Council only has ag-show members and no animal husbandry, are doing quite well. The differences in size and quality are significant, though all have seen positive growth paths. A “wheater man” was invited to give a lecture on prediction wheater conditions for outside events. Quite some valuable technology seems to be available for accurate planning, evacuation etc. Lots of attention was also paid in discussions on providing value added services such as wifi.
During the site-visits, we went to see endless fields of almond, walnut, stone fruit, pomme granate, grapes and orange productions. I had no clue that 85% of total world almond production comes from California. Likewise the percentage for walnuts has reached 35%. Within the USA, California provides little of 50% of all fruit and vegetables. And it’s the largest dairy production state, outperforming Wisconin. Quite interesting stuff”.