MAAMESS 2006 20-22 April 2006

MAAMESS run by Tartu Fairs consists of 4 different  fairs: 14th International Agricultural Fair, 12th International Timber  Processing and Forestry  Fair, 12th Fair for Food and 8th Horticultural Fair.The significance of  the event on the international level increases annually and last year it was  our turn to host the members of EURASCO. MAAMESS 2006, which introduces different aspects of rural economy, is  the most recognised rural fair in the Baltic States. the rural fair provides the  best opportunity to bring together various groups of people connected with  rural economy farmers and foresters, manufacturers and vendors of  professional equipment, wood processing companies, manufacturers of  farm products and products atributed quality labels of EPLL (Estonian  Chamber of Agriculutre and Commerce), persons involved in alternative  farming, gardeners and people interested in landscaping, consumers, etc. Similar to previous fairs we provide the visitors with information concerning  modern agriculutral, forest and wood-processing machinery, plant  production and animal husbandry, animal breeding, gardening and food. The organisers will ensure plenty of activity and exploring for all visitors.  This year the fair includes a new feature exhibition of breeding animals.