Maamess 2011 14 -16 April 2011

Maamess 2011 takes place from 14 – 16 April , 2011. Maamess, which demonstrates different aspects of rural economy, is the most renowned rural fair in the Baltic States. The exhibition is divided into four parts: arboriculture, agriculture, animal husbandry and horticulture. Maamess is now being held for 19th time and increases its international significance annually providing the best opportunity to bring together various groups of people connected with rural economy, farmers, foresters, manufacturers and vendors of proffessional equipment. Similar to previous fairs it provides the visitors with information concerning modern agricultural, forest and timber processing machinery, plant production and animal husbandry, animal breeding, gardening and food. The number of visitors attending to the exhibition in year 2010 amounted 26 365, registering a rise of 10,7% compared to year 2009. See more at