SPACE 2010 14 -17 September 2010

The 23rd SPACE, held from 15 to 18 September 2009, confirmed its status as an essential date in the livestock industry calendar, offering unbeatable opportunities for stimulating and profitable contacts for industry professionals, despite the backdrop of the current crisis. It brought together almost 1,300 exhibitors and 110,000 visitors (108,077), an excellent attendance given the current difficulties in the industry. Most exhibitors were pleasantly surprised by the number, and especially the nature, of the visitors they encountered, and with the high quality contacts they made. Even if these contacts do not immediately result in new capital projects, a large number of farmers outlined specific plans to adapt their farms and develop their facilities. The increase in the number of international visitors (9,317) and their high status in the industry was a matter of particular note for exhibitors. The livestock presentations and competitions, most notably the Salers and Simmental festivals, further reinforced SPACE’s reputation as a world-class breeders’ event. The 23rd SPACE was an event of exceptional quality. SPACE confirmed its position as the second most important livestock industry show in the world. SPACE looks forward to welcoming exhibitors and visitors to its 24th event from 14 to 17 September 2010.