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Agricultural Fair Maamess 2014

24-26 April 2014

VIV Europe 2014

20-22 May 2014

DLG Field Days

17-19 June 2014

The Royal Highland Show 2014

26-29 June 2014

Agra, 52nd International fair for Agricolture and Food

23-28 August 2014


Our objective is to improve and promote European agricultural exhibitions, fairs and shows through the exchange of information, ideas and experience, reciprocal advice, liaison and mutual assistance.

EURASCO is non-political and non profit making. >>more



Following the fact that EURASCO President Bojan Gajic informed recently he was obliged to retire from the association for personal reasons, the AGM in Clermont-Ferrand unanimously voted on 3rd October 2013 the vice president Rolf Brun from OLMA MESSE San Gallo (Switzerland) with function of president until the next general assembly in Utrecht for VIVEUROPE on 19th May 2014.

A NEW FRENCH MEMBER IN EURASCO! - Submitted 10-10-2013

Following the General Secretariat activity, the EURASCO AGM in Clermont-Ferrand approved unanimously the new request of membership presented by the well known event FOIRE DE CHALONS EN CHAMPAGNE. The next ediction of the international exhibition will be taken from 29 August to 8 September 2014. See more information at www.foire

22 PRESENCES IN CLERMONT-FERRAND AGM! - Submitted 10-10-2013

Great success for the second 2013 EURASCO AGM taken in Clermont-Ferrand during the well known international exhibition Sommet de L'Elevage (2-4 October 2013).The presences were in fact 22 from 13 countries! During the event we had many closer examinations on the actual reality of the European Agricultural world and of its differences in the single country. Really important and qualitative the 2 speeches of our guests: Chuck Gumble, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Farm Show Council (the American Agricultural Exhibitions Associations) and Jef Verhaeren, the President of ENAJ (the Agricultural Network of European journalists).

EURASCO NOW TOTALS 26 MEMBERS IN 19 COUNTRIES - Submitted 15 January 2014

With the new approved events EURASCO now covers 19 countries with 26 members! It is indoubtly the greatest and most important agricultural exhibition and show organisers association in Europe!See the details on Members Area.

2013 AGM TAKEN IN NOVI SAD - Submitted 22 May 2013

The first 2013 EURASCO AGM was taken in Novi Sad for the 80th edition of the well known International Agricultural Fair (18 - 24 May 2013). It was an important event as 16 members (from 10 countries) plus 2 guests from Slovakia partecipated to the opening ceremony followed by the visit of the event on 18th May 2013. Our AGM was taken in the afternoon with the presentation of many documents and researches concerning the european agricultural sector and the development of the exhibition activity all over the world.It was followed by a visit to an important winery with the official dinner too.

THE NEW EURASCO EXECUTIVE - Submitted 23 February 2012

The EURASCO AGM in Zaragozas(Spain)on 13rd February 2012 elected the incoming Executive from the 1st January 2013 to the 31st December 2014. This is the detail: Bojan Gajic Novi Sad Fair (Serbia) President; Karl Schloesser (DLG, Germany)Treasurer; Michael Christiaens (FEDAGRIM, Belgium) Vice President; Rolf Brun (OLMA Messen St. Gallen, Switzerland) Vice President);Gerard Leeuwenburgh (VNU, Netherlands) Vice President; Jan Pedersen (Agromek, Danmark)Vice President. Giovanni Colombo (Veronafiere, Italy) goes on as EURASCO Secretary General

2014 AGM IN UTRECHT! - Submitted 24 October 2013

The AGM in Clermont-Ferrand confirmed the 2014 EURASCO AGM will be taken in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands, for VIV EUROPE, the World Expo for Animal Husbandry & Processing on Monday 19th May. The member will have the welcome on Sunday 18th may with a dinner in Amsterdam. The program details will be sent the members soon by the Secretariat General. See more about the exhibition at

EURASCO DELEGATE AT 2014 F.S.C. AGM IN - Submitted 4 February 2014

The EURASCO President Rolf Brun (OLMA Messe)will attend the Farm Show Council (the American Agricultural Exhibitions Associations) annual meeting in Ames, Iowa, USA, April 7-9, as our association delegate. The event will follow the 2013 similar initiatives when an EURASCO delegation was at the Farm Show Council London, Ontario (Canada)on 6/8 May and Chuck Gumble, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Farm Show Council, attended our AGM taken in Clermont-Ferrand during the international exhibition Sommet de L'Elevage (2-4 October 2013). The next one will be really an important step to increase more and more the cooperation between the two most relevant association inside the agricultural exhibition and show organizers sector in the world.


Agricultural Fair Maamess 2014 - 24-26 April 2014

Agricultural fair Maamess 2014 takes place from 2426 April, 2014. Maamess, which demonstrates different aspects of rural economy, is the most renowned rural fair in the Baltic States. The exhibition is divided into four parts: arboriculture, agriculture, animal husbandry and horticulture. Maamess is now being held for 22th time and increases its international significance annually providing the best opportunity to bring together various groups of people connected with rural economy, farmers, foresters, manufacturers and vendors of proffessional equipment. Similar to previous fairs it provides the visitors with information concerning modern agricultural, forest and timber processing machinery, plant production and animal husbandry, animal breeding, gardening and food. The number of visitors attending to the exhibition in year 2013 amounted 32 500. Also there were 375 exhibitors from 10 countries. See more at

VIV Europe 2014 - 20-22 May 2014

VIV is the global brand for trade shows, conferences and events organised for the animal husbandry and processing markets for meat, eggs, fish & shrimps and milk. With its Feed to Meat concept, VIV stated its clear market vision: for the production of safe meat, eggs, fish & shrimps and milk, all parts within the animal protein supply chain are essential. Through its trade shows, the full Feed to Meat supply chain becomes visible, on both the exhibitors and visitors side, creating one-stop-shop platforms.