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AG CONNECT Expo & Summit

27 29 January 2015

Tier&Technik, St.Gallen, Switzerland

19 22 February 2015

Agricultural Fair Maamess 2015

16-18 April 2015


5-8 February 2015


5-8 March 2015


Our objective is to improve and promote European agricultural exhibitions, fairs and shows through the exchange of information, ideas and experience, reciprocal advice, liaison and mutual assistance.

EURASCO is non-political and non profit making. >>more


A NEW FRENCH MEMBER IN EURASCO! - Submitted 10-10-2013

Following the General Secretariat activity, the EURASCO AGM in Clermont-Ferrand approved unanimously the new request of membership presented by the well known event FOIRE DE CHALONS EN CHAMPAGNE. The next ediction of the international exhibition will be taken from 29 August to 8 September 2014. See more information at www.foire

22 PRESENCES IN CLERMONT-FERRAND AGM! - Submitted 10-10-2013

Great success for the second 2013 EURASCO AGM taken in Clermont-Ferrand during the well known international exhibition Sommet de L'Elevage (2-4 October 2013).The presences were in fact 22 from 13 countries! During the event we had many closer examinations on the actual reality of the European Agricultural world and of its differences in the single country. Really important and qualitative the 2 speeches of our guests: Chuck Gumble, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Farm Show Council (the American Agricultural Exhibitions Associations) and Jef Verhaeren, the President of ENAJ (the Agricultural Network of European journalists).

EURASCO MEETINGS IN 2015/2016 - Submitted 12 July 2014

The 2014 AGM of EURASCO in Utrecht decided unanimously the locations of the next two association general meetings. SPACE in Rennes (France)will host the 2015 event during the exhibition (15/18 September). The 2016 AGM will be located during Fieragricola in Verona (Italy)- 4/7 February.

EURASCO NOW TOTALS 26 MEMBERS IN 19 COUNTRIES - Submitted 15 January 2014

With the new approved events EURASCO now covers 19 countries with 26 members! It is indoubtly the greatest and most important agricultural exhibition and show organisers association in Europe!See the details on Members Area.

EURASCO STAND AT INDAGRA - Submitted 17 September 2014

Tanks to the great cooperation of the Bucharest Colleagues EURASCO will have a stand of 20 sqm. during the next edition of the well known exhibition INDAGRA, International trade fair of equipment and products in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture and animal husbandry, that will take place in Bucharest (Romania) from 29th October to 2nd November 2014 (for more details see the web site In the EURASCO stand (located in a good position) there will be the presence of one person and there the visitors could find the sent illustrative materials of the exhibitions of the members. The associated visitors could use this stand as Landmark too.

FRUITFUL 2014 AGM IN UTRECHT! - Submitted 27 May 2014

The 2014 AGM was taken in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands, for VIV EUROPE, the World Expo for Animal Husbandry & Processing. The 20 delegates from 10 countries have had a warm welcome on Sunday 18th May with a boat dinner tour in Amsterdam. The AGM was taken on Monday 19th and was followed by the parteciaption at Rebobank VIV Grand Eve at Jaarbeurs Utrecht venue with dinner. On Tuesday 20th the visit to the exhibition closed the EURASCO event.

PRESENCE AT 2014 F.S.C. AGM IN USA - Submitted 28 April 2014

The EURASCO President Rolf Brun (OLMA Messe)was present at the Farm Show Council (the American Agricultural Exhibitions Associations) annual meeting in Ames, Iowa, USA, April 7-9, as our association delegate. The event followed the 2013 similar initiatives when an EURASCO delegation was at the Farm Show Council London, Ontario (Canada)on 6/8 May and Chuck Gumble, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Farm Show Council, attended our AGM taken in Clermont-Ferrand during the international exhibition Sommet de L'Elevage (2-4 October 2013). It was an important step to increase more and more the cooperation between the two most relevant association inside the agricultural exhibition and show organizers sector in the world.


On 19th May was taken in Utrecht, in the occasion of VIV Europe 2014 -the World Expo for Animal Husbandry & Processing, the 2014 AGM of EURASCO. The 20 delegates from 10 countries had many closer examinations on the actual reality and tendency of the European agricultural world and of its differences in the single country. A very interesting speech was taken by the special guest David Zimmerman, representative of the F.S.C. - Farm Show Council (the North American Agricultural Exhibitions Associations). During the AGM the new board was unanimously elected for 2015/16: President Rolf Brun (OLMA Messe, San Gallo, Switzerland); Vice presidents: Anne Marie Quemener (Space, Rennes, France) and Mateja Jaklic (Pomurski Sejem, Gorna Radgona, Slovenia); Trasurer: Ruwan Berculo (Viv Europe, VNU Utrecht, Netherlands). Giovanni Colombo (Veronafiere, Italy) will continue as Secretary General.


AG CONNECT Expo & Summit - 27 29 January 2015

AG CONNECT Expo & Summit, Forum for agricultural machinery and equipment in Indianapolis, North America AG CONNECT Expo & Summit is the new agricultural show in North America that brings together experts and leading manufacturers from around the globe. With an extensive technical programme and a host of support events by the industry, it embodies the next generation of US agricultural trade shows. The third AG CONNECT Expo & Summit in 2013, for example, provided the venue for the Annual Meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation which attracted more than 5,500 participants. With many country pavilions and visitors from over 62 countries, AG CONNECT Expo & Summit has an international flair that is unrivalled by any other agricultural show in the USA. International and national visitors from almost all US Federal States and Canadian provinces can find out all they need to know here about state-of-the-art agricultural machinery and inputs, effective service provision and management trends, as well as innovative technologies and Precision Farming. AG CONNECT Expo & Summit is an AEM trade show (Association of Equipment Manufacturers). Its strategic partners in Europe are AGRITECHNICA and DLG International GmbH. In this capacity, DLG International is responsible for supporting exhibitors and visitors from Europe and the CIS.

Tier&Technik, St.Gallen, Switzerland - 19 22 February 2015

Tier&Technick, 15th International Trade Fair for Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Production, Speciality Crop Cultivation and Agritechnology, is the leading annual trade fair of the Swiss farming industry, with international participation in the fields of animal husbandry, barn construction, farm mechanization and energy management as well as fruit-growing and speciality crop cultivation. Visitors to Tier&Technik will find a wide-ranging animal exhibition with prime examples from the Swiss cattle breeding industry (main focus Brown Swiss), farm and barn equipment, renewables, agricultural machines and equipment for feeding, fruit-growing and special crop cultivation, as well as a wide range of production means and services for farming. Tier&Technik enjoys wide support in all sectors of farming and is geared towards trade visitors in these specific areas. 470 exhibitors and 33000 visitors are expected.