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Eurasco and ENAJ: A Promising Collaboration for Agricultural Sector Promotion
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Publication date: 18/09/2023

Eurasco and ENAJ

Eurasco, represented by its Secretary-General, Frédéric François, recently visited the Space exhibition in Rennes to meet and engage with the European Network of Agricultural Journalists (ENAJ). This meeting has laid the foundation for a fruitful collaboration full of opportunities for tboth organizations.

During this meeting, following presentations and constructive discussions, Eurasco had the honor of formalizing its association with ENAJ. This step underscores our commitment to working together to address common challenges faced by our members. Indeed, ENAJ and Eurasco members find themselves in the same boat! In this vast agricultural world, advertisers are exhibitors, and readers are visitors.

We share similar goals and are aware of the crucial issues we must tackle. Being partners opens the door to mutual opportunities. Together, we can spotlight agricultural innovations and best practices, inform and educate our respective audiences, and make a significant contribution to the future of agriculture and communication in Europe.

Stay tuned to discover the outcomes of this alliance and the positive impact it will have on our agricultural community.

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