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Innovations and Strategies for the Future: A Look Back at Eurasco's General Assembly at the Lamma Show 2024
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Publication date: 28/02/2024

Innovations and Strategies for the Future: A Look Back at Eurasco's General Assembly at the Lamma Show 2024

On January 18th, amidst the challenging weather conditions of Birmingham, the 2024 General Assembly of Eurasco was held during the Lamma Show, showcasing the resilience and passion that drive the agricultural sector. The Lamma Show, a cornerstone event for agriculture professionals, provided the perfect backdrop for this pivotal meeting, marking a significant turning point for the future of agricultural events.

Engaged Participation

Despite the weather-related challenges, a group of ten dedicated members made the journey, demonstrating our community's unwavering commitment to the agricultural sector. This gathering facilitated fruitful discussions and insights about the trends and major directions that will shape the year 2024.

Enlightening Presentations

  • Claus Hermans, representing Agromek, shared valuable views on new indicators capable of convincing marketing professionals of the critical importance of participating in trade fairs.
  • Samantha Sharp, from Agriconnect, delivered an outstanding presentation on strategies to attract agriculture professionals to physical shows in this new year.
  • Benoit Delaloy, from the Livestock Summit, provided an in-depth perspective on efficiently organizing press relations at our events.

Towards a Promising Future

The General Assembly also served as a moment for collective reflection on the upcoming challenges for the sector. A major decision was made: the creation of a special working group dedicated to developing new performance indicators. These indicators, going beyond the traditional numbers of visitors, exhibitors, and square meters, will be designed to convince marketing managers even more effectively of the benefits of participating in our trade fairs.

Renewed Commitment to Innovation

This meeting reaffirmed Eurasco's commitment to innovation and collaboration. By working together to develop new tools and strategies, we strengthen our mission to promote agricultural events as essential platforms for the sector. The discussions and decisions made at the 2024 General Assembly mark an important step in our collective quest for a sustainable and prosperous future for agriculture.

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